• Nov 8th, Open Performance Academy at WORM UBIK Rotterdam

    Date: November 8

    Time: 7:30 pm to 11 pm

    Place: WORM UBIK Rotterdam

    The Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a knowledge and practice platform for artists and theoreticians who work with and from performance. During OPA, we invited performance artists, culture theorists and philosophers to speak about their artistic process in relation to liquid knowledge. The term Liquid Knowledge is taken from performance artist Marina Abramovich. It is posited as the eradication of universal principles of truth.

    Chantell Hassan is a multidisciplinary artist working from site specific installations and performances to sculptures. Her practice is a continuous performative research on post-colonial clarifications, identity politics and spirituality. Using performance as a playground, she blurs boundaries between performance art, theatre and life; merging mistranslations within text and spoken word. During Art Science Hunger Chantell presents a short lecture-performance on her process of de-colonization through performance.

    Mette Sterre is a visual artist mainly focussing on  sculptural costume based performances and lens based media. Her work deals with the grotesque: the world of topsy-turvy, the uncanny and the paradox. Inspired by the repetitive patterns in nature, sociology and cultural history in the field of horror movies, she’s currently focussing on the grotesque body. By the de-identification of the human body, she addresses the stigmatisation of difference, questioning the social construction of identity by blurring the boundaries between the inanimate and the animate, gender and object and subject.


    Frans van Lent will talk about not making but doing, the work as a passing experience. Starting with the Unnoticed Art Festival in 2014 his work became less and less material. It is sometimes documented by video but is often just the textual description of an incident, leaving the reader with nothing more than the awareness of its history. In some other occasions the only left-over is the original score of the work, ready to be executed by just anyone else. The presentation will be about the principle of leaving a minimal number of traces. In relation to that he will also tell something about TheConceptBank as a starting point for a performative attitude.

    Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink is Lecturer and Researcher in Theatre Studies at the Media and Culture Studies department of Utrecht University. She is coordinator of the MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy. Previously she worked as a dramaturge, assistant-director and dramaturgy teacher. Liesbeth will talk about her research on ‘nomadic theatre,’ a concept she uses to analyze performative installations and ambulatory performances. Nomadism is connected with cutting through territories, with smooth spaces and acts of de- and reterritorialization. Liesbeth will demonstrate that both artworks and concept can fuel a kind of thinking that fluently moves back and forth theory and practice and across disciplinary boundaries, a movement which, in the end, may be considered a form of material thinking.


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