• Performance at Art Rotterdam

    Also this year there will be many performances during Art Rotterdam. A small incite:

    8 to 11 February 2018
    Van Nelle Fabriek | Van Nelleweg 1 | 3044 BC | Rotterdam | the Netherlands

    Performance : Anne Kolbe, Prospects & Concepts, 2017 | Photo: Ronald Bal


    installation and performance art at Art Rotterdam

    After three successful editions of Intersections in the former workshops of the Van Nelle Factory, this section for performance and installation art is moving to the new part of the fair. Galleries, next to Non-Profit Spaces, have also been included in Intersections.

    “Intersections wants instal- lation and performance art to be a lasting and integrated part of the fair. It’s these medi- ums in particular which can be used for critically or more playfully questioning our reality”.
    Suzanne Wallinga, curator Intersections

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    Prospects & Concepts

    Mondriaan Fund shows talent

    For the sixth time in a row, the Mondriaan Fund presents promising artists in the Prospects & Concepts exhibition. Curator Stijn Huijts, director Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, put together an exhibition with the work of the 79 visual artists who received a Werkbijdrage Jong Talent in 2016. An additional programme with performances, interviews and artist talks of the participating artists will take place in the Prospects & Co Workspace.

    Harm Weistra, one of the artists from last year’s edition: “My participation in Prospects & Concepts was honourable and special – because of the interpersonal atmosphere, the curiosity and openness of the audience and especially also the feeling that I was taking a decisive step in my caring. What impressed me in particular is the knowledge that I’m being offered a unique stepping stone where it’s up to me to give it a (successful) follow-up, starting at the fair itself.”

    Birgit Donker, director of Mondriaan Fund, agrees with this: “Prospects & Concepts at Art Rotterdam offers starting artists the opportunity to display their works to professionals and to a more general audience. This is an incentive both for the development of art as well as the connection of art with society. Something we all benefit from.”


    One of the talents is Jessica van Deursen

    I’m obsessed with being alive. Yet mostly, I live in a state of forgetfulness
    and interruption; questioning how I could be living life differently,
    in a more complex way and (worst of all) ”better and more efficiently”.
    Questioning how much I can control the course of my life, and how
    many others are influencing my life. Looking for timeless truths and
    contemporary dogmas. Thus, my art is a documentation of my
    development as a human being.
    Very ”po-mo” right? Being both the researcher as well as the subject…



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