• Today in Worm, GenderBendingQueerParty V : gENdeRcLOwnS, Rotterdam

    On this 5th edition of Rotterdam’s gathering of all things queer, 11/11, we just wanna have…BEEP BEEP…

    The comedy that we, genderclowns, perform is usually in the role of a fool who finds comfort in ridiculing rules about beauty, gender and sex. We experience beautystandards and gendernorms as very restricting and unfree. We try to create a safe space for bodies to free themselves of those norms and for people to be themselves. A place where sex(uality) is both pleasurable and normal and every-body is beautiful.

    Join the genderclowns, and let US take care of YOU, while you forget about everything painful, hurtful and sad for a few hours.

    BEEP BEEP: dance,whips,makingout,glitter,ropes,discoballs,genderfucks,beauty,community,friends,love,kissing,chats,meetups,spanks,wigs,lace,masks,paint,heels,skin,feels,people,sweat,lashes,legs,smiles,YOU.

    Cruise Control > serving gaylectrofilth since forever, these clowns have been everywhere: from buck you bowling to why tell me wine —- they know it all. all night. punk-o-rama gay hotness.
    The Playroom – sexytime.
    The GBQP Genderclowns Sequeerity
    Deena Ray
    Gertjan Franciscus
    The glitterservice
    Dark Circus
    ..and many much more tba!


    More info: Worm, Rotterdam




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