• Trickster in Worm Rotterdam

    This coming year (2017/2018) TRICKSTER will be working on an opera. An ab-lib opera to be more precise. The musical term ad libitum (from latin: at one’s pleasure) is an indication in a score that a passage can be spontaneously interpreted by the performer. And this, dear reader, is of course the natural modus operandi of TRICKSTER!

    Via several residencies throughout the country the performance collective will be researching different components of opera: score, set, libretto and dramaturgy. The final goal is to create an aural and visual ‘spectracle’ about the undoing of women in opera.

    From February 14th until the 20th TRICKSTER is residing in UBIK for a ‘pre-search’. They conclude this pre-search with a ‘spectral’ presentation on February 18th.

    date: february 18th
    place: Black Hole, boomgaardstraat 69 (ingang ‘stager-deur’)
    time: 20.30 h. (doors open 20.15 h.)
    entrance fee: € 5,00 (+ free entrance to Performance Bar afterwards!)
    More info: http://performancebar.org/





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