• What Men Knew Nothing About of Jennifer Tee, Cobra Museum Amstelveen

    What Men Knew Nothing About

    Sunday 17th and January 24th 14:00 and 16:00
    What Men Knew Nothing About is a text-based performance performed by two actors on both sides of a banner (which is a folded state part of the exhibition The Soul in Limbo). The text is a mix of English and Lithuanian (the performance took place earlier in Vilnius). The performers speak a poetic commentary by the artist from a synchronized manner on the notion of uniting, confusion and identity.”

    Exhibition: The Soul in Limbo, 24 Novembre 2015 until 21 February 2016

    The Soul in Limbo* is the first museum retrospective of Tee’s work to be held in the Netherlands. Taking the themes of ‘Language’, ‘Choreography’ and ‘Occult Geometry’, the exhibition looks back on her work’s development over the last 10 years and includes new pathways extending into the future. Elements from Tee’s previous installations are grouped in each section and include banners, ceramic vases, spheres and masks, photography, sculpture, knitted floor pieces and diagrams. The exhibition also features material connected with her work processes and sources of inspiration.

    6th Cobra Art Prize Amstelveen goes to Jennifer Tee

    More info: Cobra Museum Amstelveen

    Jennifer Tee - Star Crossed       Jennifer Tee - The Soul in Limbo

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