Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a research programme for young and established artist whose  work engages, intersects with, discusses, draws upon, or is indebted to performance art. OPA organises lectures, workshops and try-out sessions, aims to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and the production of knowledges and provides artists with an opportunity to receive feedback on their work.

The Open Performance Academy joins forces with WORM UBIK Rotterdam!

Entrance fee €5,00

Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a knowledge and practice platform for artists and theoreticians working with and from performance. OPA offers a platform for research, experiment and reflection. Artists and theorists are given the opportunity to show work in progress and to receive feedback from the audience. Conversely, the audience gets an insight into state of the art research within and to performance art. By focusing on both the artist and theoretician and the audience, OPA contributes to the development within art and the transfer of art and knowledge.

We want to let go of hard distinction, between theory-practice, body-mind and object-subject. And be open to other forms of knowledge production, within the artistic process. This is why we will issue the term ‘liquid knowledge’. Coming from the performance artist Marina Abramovich, she refers to the passing away of hard distinctions. Abramovich concurs with the idea that art can produce knowledge, beyond universal truth-pretense.

In six meetings and two presentation days, ‘liquid knowledge’ is discussed from a surprising angle; the angle from the work process of artists and scientists. We do not strive to offer ready-made cultural information. Instead we focus on the ability of people to ask questions. By involving various disciplines at the event, WORM-UBIK offers a place for meeting and reflection on a theme that concerns us all. WORM-UBIK and OPA want to find new perspectives in the social debate about inclusiveness, by connecting art and science in a meaningful way.

Events 2018:

Do. 13 Sept: Art Science Hunger

Do. 27 Sept:Art Science Hunger

Do. 11 Okt: Art Science Hunger

Do. 25 Okt. Art Science Hunger

Do. 8 Nov. Art Science Hunger

Do. 22 Nov. Art Science Hunger

Do. 6 and Vr. 7 Dec. Performances event


2018 Sept 13 _OPA 2_ WORM-UBIK _ Performance Art NL


Supported by: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds