• Open Performance Academy, Rotterdam

    Performance: Larysa Bauge | Performance Site | Quartair in The Hague Photo: Ronald Bal Invitation ‘Open Performance Academy’ (OPA) by Performance Art.NL Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a research programme for young and established artist whose  work engages, intersects with, discusses, draws upon, or is indebted to performance art. OPA organises lectures, workshops and try-out […]

    8 februari, 2018 / admin / Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Open Performance Academy, Rotterdam

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  • Performance Festival with traces at Pictura, Dordrecht

    Pictura Dordrecht organizes together with Experience weekends from 13 June to 28 June, the Performance Festival with traces. A performance is the most direct and confrontational art form in which communication, vulnerability and human failure are key ingredients. During this festival are performances of Peter Baren, Yvette Teeuwen, Frans van Lent, Nina Glockner, Vincent Campos, […]

    17 juni, 2015 / admin / Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Performance Festival with traces at Pictura, Dordrecht

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