-a body opera process-

    A performance that is part of the group exhibition Offspring 2016 – POTLATCH at De Ateliers that runs from May 18 – May 29.

    For this exhibition, JULIACKS show the nuclear fiction of Architecture of an Atom: the feature film and parts of the comic book as well as the epilogue Dance Ballad Compulsive Tribulations, a kind of opera that comprises an exhibition, a series of collaborative performances and a book that together synthesizes the fictive writing methods of this expansive and constructivist fiction.

    Performance Dates:

    • Wednesday May 18, 2016
    • Friday May 20, 2016
    • Wednesday May 25, 2016


    • 18h30 – 20h30 (After regular exhibition hours-please make sure to be on time)



    • De Ateliers, Stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT Amsterdam


    Please reserve tickets as the audience is limited to 25 people per performance and there will be refreshments. Please arrive by 18h00 to ensure your place.
    directed, written, designed, painted and co-created by JULIACKS

    DANCE BALLAD COMPULSIVE TRIBULATIONS features the collaboration of the following artists: Astarti Athanasiadou, Lars Berg, Kannakee Bhuyan, Marieke van Bueren, Matthew Carney, Renée Copraij, Beatriz Fernandez, Tashi Iwaoka, Kalli Kouf, Brenna Kouf, Abel Kroon, Winston Nanholy, Clara Saito, & Ariana Wescot.

    For more information about ‘Architecture of an Atom’ please see http://www.archatom.org

    For more information about the artist please see http://www.juliacks.com


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