• Hoogtij#48 // P.S. DON’T MISS THIS! IT IS ALIVE!

    // 10 – 03 – 2017
    The Hague Youth Factory
    // 19:00 – 23:00

    An evening with a diverse range of performance art forms in an ongoing programme.An initiative of The Hague performance artists with a vibrating creative program, which is inspired by Fluxus, Dada, Body art, Electronic art, the street and everyday life.

    [ P.S. wants to show Art that has a content with a deeper meaning, in terms of the subject but also in its representation. Art that triggers the mind. Performance art that is genuine and authentic, that has a visual quality in composition in relation to the environment and can be radical. We are interested in art that resonates in the mind and evokes different ideas. This can be done in many ways, and we exclude nothing: sound, light, technology, installations or nothing at all, just a body. ]

    More information: www.performancesite.nl


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