• La Pocha Nostra at GROUND festival, the Hague

    GROUND festival 2018 

    Date: Saturday, March 17th

    Time: 15.00 – 01.00 uur

    Location:  Het Koorenhuis

    Prins 27  Prinsengracht 27, the Hague, NL

    Historically – according to the philosopher Slavoj Žižek – ‘interesting times’ can be considered periods of unrest, war and power struggles, with their consequences being borne by millions of innocent victims. Today, the world seems to be going through interesting times again with all the tensions and insecurities that abound.

    How to act? As victim, as perpetrator? Apathetic or on the contrary revolutionary?
    How does an artist imagine when traditional answers are no longer sufficient?

     Ex-Machina 3.0   A psychomagic ritual against violence (A performance by Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Balitronica Gómez) Mexico/US

    In conjunction with Ground Festival La Pocha Nostra presents, Ex-Machina 3.0: A psychomagic ritual against violence. This new performance featuring Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Balitronica Gomez (La Pocha Nostra) is a ritual action involving a human body, an acupuncturist, and spoken word.


    More info:

    La Pocha Nostra

    Het Koorenhuis


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