• Performance in BAK Utrecht

    With İnci Eviner, Sara van der Heide, Jan Verwoert, and Marijke Hoogenboom.

    On Tuesday 21 March BAK organizes “institution,” a discussion with İnci Eviner, Sara van der Heide, and Jan Verwoert, moderated by Marijke Hoogenboom. Bringing to the discussion the triad of institution/transference/text that Roland Barthes writes about in “To the Seminar” (1974), this seminar takes a close look at the notion of the institution from a contemporary perspective. The exhibition artworks by İnci Eviner and Sara van der Heide form a point of departure.

    The doors open at 19.00 hrs. to give the opportunity to visit the exhibition. The discussion starts at 19.30 hrs. Registration is not required.

    This event is part of the public program of “To Seminar,” an exhibition-as-seminar evolving over time through performances, talks, and public meetings that inquires how learning about, with, and through art can become a collective practice of thinking and acting out imaginaries alternative to those of the crises-ridden contemporary.

    For the full program, see http://bakonline.org/en/Research/Itineraries/FutureVocabularies/InstitutingOtherwise/Seminar.

    foto van BAK basis voor actuele kunst.

    Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide), sketch for The Mother Mountain Institute, 2017.

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