• STRP Biennial 2017, Eindhoven

    Date: 24-03-2017 / 02-04-2017

    STRP Biënnale emboldens creative technology for the inquisitive guest. In it’s ten year existence, STRP has exhibited enthralling installations, experimental performances, pioneering music and strong voices. In the immense space that is the old Philips Klokgebouw, the ten-day festival will bring the future to the here and now.


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    Stelarc:  Re-wired/Re-mixed

    How is it to lose control of the body? And give away your senses to others? Legendary performance artist Stelarc will experience this at the STRP Biennial 2017, albeit at technological manner. The artist wears a HUD (head up display) that enables him with real-time streaming to see with the ‘eyes’ of someone in Manchester and hearing with the ‘ears’ of someone in Basel. Whilst his body in Eindhoven is augmented by an 8 degrees-of-freedom exoskeleton (with a weight of 10 kilos) so that anyone anywhere can generate involuntary movement of his right arm, using a touch screen or the interactive online interface. The artist becomes optically and acoustically de-synchronized and performs partly involuntarily. The performance explores the physiological and aesthetic experience of a fragmented, distributed, de-synchronized, distracted and involuntary body – wired and under surveillance.


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    Polymorf: Famous Deaths

    Famous Deaths recreates a famous person’s last few living minutes by using scent and sound. Smell the fate of Diana, or the last gasp of Whitney Houston. Stripped of visual stimuli, the smell scenarios provide an intimate and personal experience.


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    In Waiting for you, choreographer Arno Schuitemaker invites the audience to share the stage with three performers in a light and sound filled environment. No stand, no fixed seats, no fixed audience perspective, but the opportunity to congregate and get into a trance.


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