• Experience #10, 20-03-’15 at Breda

    A new Eperience!



    In the upcomming days to our event we’ll introduce our performers. First of: Carlos Salazar Lermont (VE)(Caracas, Venezuela, 1987)Multimedia artist, specialized in performance art. Besides his career in his native country, he has shown his artistical work internationally in Domincan Republic, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, United States and Colombia. He directs the performance art organization P3 Plataforma Para Performance.
    “My work feeds of politics, religion and black comedy. I often take references of fine arts history, such as Memento Mori, Vanitas or still life. Human awareness of own death occupies a important role as a theme or starting point of my works. I prefer simple, straight forward performances and images. I try to keep my proposals in multiple levels of comprehension, reachable for both art connoisseurs and those without expertise. In ICTHYS V: Transubstantiation, I reflect on my cultural and familiar heritance and its relation with Christianty and how it affects me.”

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