• MAMA’s showroom, Rotterdam

    Date: 11/01/2019 2 to 10/03/2019

    Time: 6 to 9 p.m.

    TMI(RGB) calls for a futuristic paradigm, where intuition, logic and imagination cooperate equally. Embrace the absurd! Together we build a bridge to the future; and a radical alternative way of thinking.

    Get to know four forward-thinking artists in TMI(RGB). In 2019 these four artists fall outside of the mainstream, but in the year 2050 they are part of the avant-garde of conceptual art. In collaboration with TMI(RGB)they challenge you to restart your intellectual powers. TMI(RGB) dismisses old-fashioned methods of civilization, which only confirm what you already think you know. Beyond educational traditions, and from the future, TMI(RGB)eradicates institutional and mental barriers.

    Our assistants – also from the year 2050 – guide you to a new, mind-altering state of thinking. With our unique, patented RGB-concept you experience space, time and being completely anew. In 2019 the RGB-system was only reserved for coding light and colour sources. In the year 2050 this system has evolved into a whole philosophy of living. You can physically move through the red, green and blue rooms of TMI(RGB) and experience a mental implosion.                                                                                                                                    < Reset > Now it is the artists who let their light shine in another sphere of reality.

    Visit our groundbreaking centre and enhance your daily capabilities to think and act. The Mind-Blowing Institute(RGB) is for those who want to unleash a mental revolution. Enter and let intuition take hold of your actions!

    * The Red-Green-Blue-model of thinking is inspired by the fundaments of New Feminist Materialisms, which completely rethinks and rebuilds Western ways of thinking.

    More info: Showroom MAMA

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