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    For the upcoming edition of This Art Fair 2021, P.S. Performance Site has been invited to put together the performance program Guidelines. Where new relationships between science, public and personal space will be explored together with 9 artists.

    Date: the program of This Art Fair is from August 26th to 29th.

    Place: De Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, Amsterdam

    Sarah Atzori
    Title: The Capish#sketch#loop#series#project.

    This project wants to represent this forced period of stalemate in which each of us, even unwillingly, had to get back into the game by re- evaluating not only the present but also the past and the future. Investigating through the lines of time, Sarah Atzori refers to some experiences that have influenced the path of her existence, questioning the crucial points related to lived facts and new facts that contain political and socio-cultural contents relevant to her.


    Nina Boas

    Title: ‘Rainbowsounds’

    ‘Rainbowsounds’ is a performance by Nina Boas, who is inspired by the practice of shamanic journeying and rituals. The piece is a visual journey that is made instantly. Nina Boas (1980 Saumur, France) lives and works in Amsterdam. Boas graduated in 2003 from the AKI ArtEZ in Enschede. Since then, she developed a practice in performance art. In 2016 she graduated from the master DAStheater in Amsterdam.


    Sól Ey

    Title: Metamorphosis

    The process of becoming someone else, the course of a physical extension, the alteration of one’s body. Humans are unique in the animal kingdom because of their skill to extend their body’s ability with objects such as forks, chairs, staves and fishing rods. In ‘Metamorphosis’ I explore the limitations of my own body and the ability of transforming it. With instruments inspired by real and fictional animals as the starting point, it is an exploration of what we can learn from bodies different from ours.


    Keeley Haftner

    Title: “Carbon Copies (Frances Whitehead)”

    “Carbon Copies (Frances Whitehead)” is part of “Sculpture From Other Sculptor’s Sculptures,” a series in which unwanted sculptures from other artists are transformed. Frances Whitehead glazed two toilet sets to symbolically measure the standard Dutch water level. Keeley Haftner moved with these unwanted sculptures to the Netherlands two years later, bringing them full circle. This serendipitous 40,075 km journey prompted Haftner to do the same residency as Frances nearly twenty years later, where she transformed the toilets into vessels that measure the carbon dioxide content of human breath as a form of symbolic offset.


    34 Jg1FrPpg kopie

    Jolanda Jansen

    Title:Paper Study #27_ encounter with traces  

    In my performance series ‘Paper Study #’, paper gives me the opportunity to put this formal material in contrast with the intuitive body. Paper doesn’t interest me because of what it is, but more because of what it is not. Paper is like a blank sheet, something that could become something new, or even a new beginning. For This Art Fair I will do a meditative walking performance. How much freedom do we still have within regulations? Are we more creative, flexible or do we surrender?


    Kamila Wolszczak

    Title: Saved in dust

    In my artworks I confront daily life, disgust, contemplating nature and man with their by-products while prettying up the concept of dirt. During this live action, I am an operator, conductor and moment catcher. I’m referring to the seemingly irrelevant micro world saved in dust. The invisible becomes visible, all together on a plastic layer. This performance is the continuation of the growing visual archive of presence, here and now.


    Cemre Kara

    Title: Elbows on the Table

    Elbows on the Table focuses on visualising dinner scenarios as a performative act that plays with⁠ the ideas of Western table manners. It comes from questioning the possibilities of creating different⁠ eating scenarios and behavior at the dinner table, by simply not holding our cutleries with our⁠ hands. This will allow us to explore how much change this behavior would bring to our accustomed⁠ table manners and the accepted etiquette around the dinner table.⁠


    Jiaojiao Li

    Title: Intimacy In The Screen Room

    I’m interested in exploring the relationship between intimacy and the screen. This year, I was trapped in a tiny and separated space, like on an island, relying on a small screen to complete the movements necessary for survival.


    Kirsten Heshusius

    Title: Untitled 

    Her work is best described as visual poetry provoking universal thoughts about the world and existence itself. Within her performances she deals with body transformation and strong but minimal visual imagery often based on autobiographical events. Because the body functions as a mirror, through the transformations she provokes sentiments of recognition. Architecture and history provide a departure point placing the work in its surroundings. 


    Ronald Bal
    Title: Performance sketch Error in Defoliation

    The performance sketch ‘Error in Defoliation’ is a choreographed work with sound related to movement in insulation. The work is based on the works of Rudolph Laban, Ralph Lemon and Pyotr Pavlensky, who work from an ideal perspective of movement in society. The work is an ongoing research in the act of performing in social change related to science and justice. Ball will show a 10-minute draft of a performance that will be extended into 6 acts by the end of 2021.

    Bal’s work is supported by CBK Rotterdam


    Performance Site is supported by: Mondriaan Fonds, Stroom Den Haag, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

    In collaboration with: This Art Fair Amsterdam

    Artist support: CBK Rotterdam

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